PRO AL-324 SVH-520 KIT
PRO AL-324 SVH-520 KIT
PRO AL-324 SVH-520 KIT
PRO AL-324 SVH-520 KIT
PRO AL-324 SVH-520 KIT
PRO AL-324 SVH-520 KIT

PRO AL-324 SVH-520 KIT

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  • Kit Includes PRO AL-324 Legs with SVH-520 Oil Fluid Head
  • Max Height - 56.5in
  • Min Height - 10.6in
  • Max Load - 8.8lbs
  • Folded Height - 21in
  • Weight - 4lbs

The PRO AL-324 SVH-520 Kit consists of the two parts the PRO AL-324 Tripods and the SVH-520 Oil Fluid Video Head. With the lightweight, but sturdy legs of the AL-324 and the smooth pan and tilt action of the SVH-520 this kit is great for videographers as well as photographers.

The PRO AL-324 Aluminum Tripod is part of the PRO 300 series tripods. At the core of the PRO 300 series lies a meticulously redesigned low-profile collar accompanied by the innovative Rapid Flip Mechanism (RFM). This mechanism simplifies leg angle adjustments, allowing for increased stability on uneven surfaces and enabling creative low-angle perspectives with a mere flip. Additionally, a convenient accessory port on the collar accepts 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 accessories such as magic arms, providing the flexibility to mount lights, phones, or tablets.

Crafted with four sections, each leg of the tripod ensures ease of use and slip-free operation through a reliable flip-lock design. 

  • The center column boasts multiple advantageous features, including a hook that elevates your bag from the ground, adding stability and accommodating additional weight when necessary. Moreover, the column can be separated into two pieces for low-angle work or inverted for capturing overhead shots, a particularly useful capability for macro photography.
  • The center column further enhances its functionality with the following notable attributes:
  • Reversible thread post: The thread post can be adjusted to 3/8" or ¼ 20" male threads, eliminating the need for adapters and ensuring compatibility with various types of heads.
  • Segment separation: By unscrewing the bottom section, the column can be divided into two segments, reducing weight when desired and facilitating placement at the lowest possible position above the ground.
  • Reversible column: The column can be reversed, allowing the camera head to be positioned between the legs rather than on top. This feature enables shooting from close to the ground or capturing straight-down views of your subject.
  • Integrated retractable hook: A convenient hook located at the bottom of the center column can be extended to hang your camera bag, providing enhanced stability on uneven terrain or during windy conditions.


The SVH-520 Fluid Video Head is lightweight and ergonomic weighing only 1.2lbs. Supporting up to 8.8lbs of gear this head is made for video creators, but does not exclude still photographers looking to use it as well. This head offers a fluid pan and tilt movement and is equipped with individual locking mechanisms. The angled pan handle can be positioned for left or right-hand control and rotated a full 360-degrees so the handle's angle is in the best position for any situation. The handle can also be removed to save space.

Not to be excluded, the fluid pan and tilt movements make this head great for those using spotting scopes and binoculars. 

The head uses the SLIK quick release system for easy mounting and removal from your camera. The QR plate uses a folding wing-nut to rotate the standard 1/4-20 thread post onto the camera so no tool is need to attach or detach from your camera.

Straight out of the box you will have options for 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 mounting points to screw onto your tripod. The 1/4-20 option will require a simple screw in adapter.


Replacement Quick Release Plate is 6507

Max Height (Column Up) 56.5in / 1,435mm
Max Height (Column Down) 46.4in / 1,180mm
Minimum Operating Height 10.6in / 270mm
Folded Length 21in / 535mm
Weight 4lbs / 1,825g
Number of Leg Sections 4
Maximum Load 8.8lbs / 4kg
Leg Lock Type Lever Lock
Carrying Case Included
Replacement Quick Release Plate 6507

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