SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head
SH-747 3-way Pan Head

SH-747 3-way Pan Head

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  • NEW Arca-Compatible Dual-Stage Quick Release Platform
  • NEW Low-profile leveling knob makes travel ready
  • Great for Still Photography and Video
  • 3-way axis control includes Tilt, Pan, and Horizon Level
  • Max load - up to 11 lbs
  • Weight - 1.44 lbs


The SH-747 is a 3-way pan and tilt head that features Slik's new Arca-Compatible Dual-Stage quick-release platform. The new platform provides a choice between the traditional (side-to-side) quick release plate placement on still cameras and the common (front-to-back) quick release plate placement on video cameras. 

A simple release lever allows you to rotate and lock the dual-stage to your preferred position. The platform also includes two round style bubble levels to help you set up your camera for level shooting. 

This makes the head a versatile choice for all photographers and hybrid style shooters that switch between stills and video. 

Please note: The SH-747 does not provide video style friction control common to video heads. If you need that feature please checkout the SH-747FC.

3-way pan heads offer separate controls: tilt (up and down), pan (left and right), and horizon leveling (landscape to portrait orientation). This provides more precise adjustments on one axis while not affecting the other two axis for accurate framing of your subject. A feature that can be difficult to control with ball heads because all axis are released when the ball is loose. 


A new horizon leveling knob comes pre-installed on the head to help reduce the "travel profile" of the head. This makes is easier to pack or attach to a backpack because you do not need to worry about the leveling handle sticking out and getting caught on trees, bushes, or bopping you in the head. Of course we include the regular handle in the box if you prefer that over the knob.

The head attaches to all tripod legs that use a 3/8' male thread post. We also include (preinstalled on the base of the head) a 3/8" to ¼ 20” thread adapter in case your legs use a 1/4 20" thread post like Slik's Sprint Pro III series. 


Maximum Load 11 lbs
Height 4.1 in
Weight 1.44 lbs
Thread Post Compatible 3/8" (includes 3/8" to 1/4 20" adapter)
Quick Release Plate Included - 6507 (SKU 618-822)
Arca Swiss Compatible Yes
L-Bracket Compatible Yes

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