Daiwa SBM-01

Daiwa SBM-01

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  • Daiwa SBM-01
  • Length - 11in
  • Depth - 3.15in
  • Height - 0.87in
  • Weight - 1.48
  • 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 screw holes

The SBM-01, a versatile tripod adapter meticulously designed for portable cameras and camcorders, offering unparalleled functionality and convenience.

The quick release mechanism sets the SBM-01 apart, allowing you to effortlessly attach and detach your camera, streamlining your workflow with efficiency. The industry-standard V-wedge insertion part boasts an anodized finish for enhanced durability and a lubricating paint finish, guaranteeing a smooth and frictionless experience during attachment and detachment.

Take control of your camera's positioning with precision, thanks to the ingeniously crafted design that incorporates 7 U3/8”-16 and U1/4”-20 screw holes alternately arranged on the bottom plate. This arrangement provides a wide range of adjustment options, allowing you to fine-tune the front and back position of your camera to meet your specific needs.




Length 11in
Depth 3.15in
Height 0.87in
Weight 1.48lbs
Thread 1/4-20 and 3/8-16

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