Spiked Feet Set - 10mm Thread

Spiked Feet Set - 10mm Thread

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  • NOTE - See Full Product Description for a Complete list of Compatible Tripods
  • Stainless Steel Spiked Feet for Select Carbon Fiber Tripods
  • Great for use on grass, snow, and soft ground.


NOTE: Please review the list of compatible Carbon Fiber Tripods listed below before purchasing. This spiked set is compatible with tripods that accept a 10mm screw thread. If your model number ends with CF (ex. 724-CF) then this is the correct set. If your model number starts with CF (ex. CF-833) then use this link to the 3/8ths threaded product page.

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The stainless steel spiked feet are a great accessory to have when you are woking on soft natural surfaces like sand, snow, grass and loose dirt. They allow you to set the legs of your tripod so they do not slide or shift after setting up.

To use, you will simply remove the threaded rubber feet that were included on your tripod and then screw in the spiked feet. Using the included wrench, hand tighten until you are sure the will not unscrew on their own. Reverse the process when you want to put the rubber feet back on.

Compatible Tripod Models

615-723 - Pro 723-CFL

615-724 - Pro 724-CFL

615-823 - Pro 823-CFL

615-824 - Pro 824-CFL

615-390 - Pro 723-CF

615-391 - Pro 724-CF

615-386 - Pro 823-CF

615-387 - Pro 824-CF

615-567 - Pro 724-CBH

615-915 - Pro 923-CF

615-916 - Pro 924-CF

Spikes Included in Set
Wrench Included Yes
Spike Material Stainless Steel

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