I Hated Tripods. Now I Carry One Everywhere

I Hated Tripods. Now I Carry One Everywhere

Each time I travel I try to pack just a little smarter and lighter than the time before.  And when you’re considering 1-2 extra bags filled with photo gear, drones, laptops, and specific weather proofing for my gear you have to be willing to leave things at home – and for a long time one of those things was a tripod.


Slik Tripod CF-734


I hated them. They were inconvenient. They were heavy. And for as little as they added to my creative arsenal (at the time) it was one of the first things to be crossed off the list of things that ended up in the bag. It wasn’t until I was able to sit down with my friends from Slik USA, that I was able to really narrow down what I needed and wanted.

Being able to try out the Pro CF-734 tripod changed my mind – and it had to do some real work because in my past they were only ever a hassle and I was skeptical. 


Carbon Fiber Tripod CF-734


I love dynamic elements in my photos. Tripods allow me to do some things that handheld shots never could: moving water, blurred clouds, milky way, photo stitching, low angles, and carefully planned river shots. If I ever wanted one of these shots before, I had to just deal with the clunky, torn up tripod I had, not to mention I had very little confidence that it would keep my camera safe if it was anywhere near water. I haven’t done a lot of wildlife photography, and I know this is a major reason for people with massive lenses to invest in a good tripod, but with the stability that the 734 offers me I know that if it ever came up I would feel totally confident in it’s ability to handle all of my gear.  


Slik Carbon Fiber Tripod

Having a substantial but lightweight tripod has now become an asset rather than a liability. My creative vocabulary has grown because of a tripod that is actually enjoyable and can handle both the needs for the photo but also my needs for traveling light. I still have plenty of times where I will take my tripod on a trip and not take it out. But for those dynamic shots, or for very planned and careful shots I now don’t have to make a major sacrifice to have one along – and there’s really no substitute for those type of shots that expand my creative mind and portfolio as well.

By Ryan Longnecker, Slik ambassador

Slik CF-734 Product Image 

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