Emily McClure

Emily McClure

Emily McClure captures beauty in life's professional settings: from the office to the operating room. As a corporate and headshot photographer based in McKinney, Texas, she brings energy and self-taught expertise when photographing clients in a studio or within their unique professional environments.

Emily's love for photography started with the purchase of a Pentax 35mm in 1999, — despite the salesman who tried to steer her to digital. Her first digital purchase was a Canon 60D thanks to the help of her mother-in-law, who saw a chance for Emily's hobby to become a business. In a tiny closet beneath her stairs, she worked to learn and grow … at times it got very warm and she thought her iMac might burst! Self-taught, Emily asked anyone who would listen about metering and lighting; she spent an entire year figuring out the sun!

Moving to TX required a restart, and three years ago Emily pivoted to grow her business in corporate photography. Managing her business while loving her MacGyver husband and four truly outstanding kiddos — even on the rough days — is her life’s joy. She is thankful to have the chance to make someone’s day by coaching them through the headshot process or showcasing their skill or talent.

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