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Mack Murdoc

Mack Murdoc is a Los Angeles based long exposure adventure photographer. He specializes in astrophotography and light painting.


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Steven J. Magner

Steven Magner’s interest in photography started at a young age when his grandmother bought him Fujifilm MX-1200 for Christmas in 1999. From that day forward Steven began taking photos of wildlife and landscapes in his hometown of Weston, Connecticut.

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Thomas Ingersoll

Thomas Ingersoll is an internationally published photographer, retoucher, writer and educator born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He shoots commercial and landscape photography.

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Ryan Longnecker

Ryan grew up in the Eastern Sierras and since he was a kid he loved being outdoors and art. Ryan went to school for music and theology and think both of those weave their way into my photography. He has a passion to change people from being cynical about people and this planet to being hopeful and seeing the beauty in it. Ryan is a professional Los Angeles-based freelance outdoor photographer, brand ambassador, and visual storyteller.

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Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee is a Las Vegas based adventure photographer who is addicted to shooting the Milky Way.  She is no stranger to a camera, being self taught since her late teens.. She started her action sports photography career shooting skateboarding and snowboarding in Sacramento where she grew up. Eventually Tracy found herself in Las Vegas where she was a Nightlife photographer before she transitioned back into action sports again; traveling around the world shooting cage side at the UFC for Yahoo Sports. She found a passion for the outdoors and adventuring which eventually brought her to chasing the Milky Way where she founded a large hub on Instagram and runs a complimentary Facebook group as well. She continues to freelance; often traveling to cover events for different clients all the while running social media for other clients.  Tracy is an admin for @milkychasers,  @startrailchasers, @nightphotography_exclusive and @nightphotography.

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Jacen Carpenter

Jacen Carpenter grew up in Orange County and Los Angeles. As a kid he played every sport he could and even played baseball in college. He started doing modeling in his 20s and during one of the photo shoots one of the photographers let him mess around with his cameras. Later that week he bought his own camera and the rest is history. He’s addicted to traveling and capturing moments that make him feel something special. He wants the world to see life through his eyes.


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Jake Marote

Jake Marote is a 27-year-old avid waterman who discovered his passion for photography in 2011.  Jake specializes in underwater, landscape and surf photography. He challenges himself and enjoys trying news styles of photography.

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Dave Baronio | Contributor

“Photography means so much more to me than just pressing a couple buttons. The world is so beautiful that I want people to see it and be inspired through my landscape photos, night photography, aerial shots and portraits.” ~ Dave Baronio

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Stan Moniz

Surf / adventure photographer Stan Moniz was a water baby at birth, raised in the quite surf town of  Waialua, Hawaii. He became a professional body boarder at the age of 18 and remains an avid surfer today. His passion for music brought him to Southern California in 2000 and after a very successful career in a professional touring band, he ultimately set his sights on his other great passion: photography.

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