You Need Three Tripods…Yep, Three

You Need Three Tripods…Yep, Three

Owning one tripod is good. Owning two is great. Owning three is the sign you mean business when it comes to your photos.  Let’s face it, tripods are definitely the most overlooked and under appreciated piece of photography equipment you’ll own.  They aren’t sexy; they’re utilitarian, but when you need one, they are indispensable. Every shooting situation is unique and having the most versatile gear is going to get you the best results in the least amount of time, making you work smarter instead of harder.  If you’re serious about making photography your career, then you need three tripods in your arsenal to make it happen.  The three most versatile tripods you need are a tabletop tripod, a travel tripod and a heavy duty tripod.

A tabletop tripod is compact, lightweight and small enough to fit into any bag. They support the weight of a camera and are invaluable when shooting super low angles or tight spaces. Table tops tripods are ideal for capturing macro shots where you need to get in close and remain perfectly still. They can also be set up to capture weird angles like on top of a rock or car and used with a remote. The possibilities are endless.  We recommend the SLIK Mini Pro Series because of its ability to support a camera up to five pounds and it’s versatile ball head for rotation.

Travel Tripods are best for nature, travel, and amateur video. Similar to the tabletop tripod, a travel tripod will give you the stability to frame a shot and keep the camera perfectly still. So whether you’re teetering on a boulder or trying to find your balance on a sand dune, a travel tripod is a sure fire way to get that super sharp photo. The main advantage of adding a travel tripod to your gear is it’s heavier duty than the tabletop and it allows you to stand at full height when shooting.  Many tripods also have a center column that when raised can give you great high angle shots. We recommend the Slik Lite Series tripods because they are super lightweight, fold up to fit inside a carry on and still offer awesome strength and stability.

Heavy duty tripods are best for weddings, events, on location and astrophotography.  The advantage to adding a bigger and heavier tripod is it provide maximum strength and stability. It will become your best friend when you are trying to get those beautiful, fairy tale shots for a bride or a client on a commercial shoot. Astrophotographers also love the supreme stability and maximum movement when shooting the night sky. Heavy duty tripods stand up in harsh weather and allow you the time to compose the picture perfectly with panning, tilting, and center post height adjustments.  Silk’s heavy duty tripods offer maximum strength and stability, but also travel well, especially the carbon fiber series.  We recommend the Full size/heavy duty - 700 series   for size, stability and weight.

Get serious and gear up so you can get out there and do what you really love: shooting photos!