Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee is a Las Vegas based adventure photographer who is addicted to shooting the Milky Way. She is no stranger to a camera, being self taught since her late teens.. She started her action sports photography career shooting skateboarding and snowboarding in Sacramento where she grew up. Eventually Tracy found herself in Las Vegas where she was a Nightlife photographer before she transitioned back into action sports again; traveling around the world shooting cage side at the UFC for Yahoo Sports. She found a passion for the outdoors and adventuring which eventually brought her to chasing the Milky Way where she founded a large hub on Instagram and runs a complimentary Facebook group as well. She continues to freelance; often traveling to cover events for different clients all the while running social media for other clients. Tracy is an admin for @milkychasers, @startrailchasers, @nightphotography_exclusive and @nightphotography.

What's in my bag:

    • CANON 70D X 2
    • CANON 7D X 2
    • CANON 50 MM F/1.4
    • CANON 17-40MM F/4.0
    • CANON 24-70MM F/2.8 X 2
    • CANON 15-85MM F/3.5-5.6 X 2
    • CANON 70-300MM F/2 3.5-5.6
    • OPTEKA 6.5MM 3.5