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5 Great Tips to Shooting Fireworks

June 24, 2017

With the Fourth of July just around the corner we want to give you some tips to help you capture the fireworks celebration in all its glory. Pick a location and get there early This is easily the most important tip. Independence day is a big deal in almost every town in America so finding … Continue reading “5 Great Tips to Shooting Fireworks”


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You Need Three Tripods…Yep, Three

June 17, 2017

Owning one tripod is good. Owning two is great. Owning three is the sign you mean business when it comes to your photos.  Let’s face it, tripods are definitely the most overlooked and under appreciated piece of photography equipment you’ll own.  They aren’t sexy; they’re utilitarian, but when you need one, they are indispensable. Every … Continue reading “You Need Three Tripods…Yep, Three”


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Astrophotography: Shooting the Milky Way

January 24, 2017

  Stan Moniz Tips to Shooting the Milky Way As a child growing up in Hawaii I fell in love with both the sea and the sky above. I am a surf and night sky photographer dedicated to capturing both the chaotic and beautiful energy of the ocean and the peace and tranquilly of the … Continue reading “Astrophotography: Shooting the Milky Way”


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6 Great Tips for Vacation Photos

October 26, 2016

With the holiday/vacation season just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to gather some tips for vacation photos.  These tips will show you how to capture glorious travel photography fit for your wall – or a place of pride in your home. The best photos are better composed, better lit and simply … Continue reading “6 Great Tips for Vacation Photos”



Tips for Long Exposure Photographers: 5 Mistakes You Can Avoid When You Use the Right Equipment

October 5, 2016

Long exposure photography is tranquil, serene and dreamy whether you’re shooting landscapes, beach scenes or waterfalls. It can also be quite tricky  for long exposure photographers to get those beautiful photos. There are many pitfalls that can ruin your shots if you don’t use the right equipment or techniques. Five common mistakes and how to … Continue reading “Tips for Long Exposure Photographers: 5 Mistakes You Can Avoid When You Use the Right Equipment”


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Supporting the Lens: Hittin’ the Road with the SLIK LITE Series Travel Tripods

September 15, 2016

With the introduction of our new series of travel tripods we hit the road to test them in the elements. We headed north to beautiful June Lake Loop and Mammoth Lakes in California. On day one, we knew we needed to get our early and take advantage of the clear skies so we were up … Continue reading “Supporting the Lens: Hittin’ the Road with the SLIK LITE Series Travel Tripods”


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