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Stan Moniz

Extreme photographer Stan Moniz was a water baby at birth, raised in the quiet surf town of Waialua, Hawaii. He became a professional body boarder at the age of 18 and remains an avid surfer. His passion for music brought him to Southern California in 2000 and after a very successful career in a professional touring band, he ultimately set his sights on his other great passion: photography.

In 2010, he reacquainted himself with his love for adventure and capturing the beauty of the world we live in. Stan, now equipped with a camera, travels the world, capturing those timeless moments to share with the world.


What's in my bag:

Sony a7rii

Sony a6300 Lenses

Tokina 11-20mm f2.8

Tokina 100mm f2.8 macro

Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8

Sony 28mm f2.0

Slik Leveling Unit II

Slik PRO 624CF

Slik PBH - 425DS Ball Head

Hoya HD3 Circular Polarizer

Hoya Pro Nd 16 (4-stop)

Hoya Pro Nd 1000 (10-stop)

Syrp mini genie timelapse

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